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New Modification Theme!

Featuring our 500 registered members, we have decided to completely change our website theme to best suit our community. Check out our website upgrades forum for more information, instate, and whats to come more in the future!
Check out the Update!

MultiGaming Community

Since 2013, we have been focused on multi-gaming, modification, and seeing what creativity can bring out in the community. Browse around in our Download section down below and see what our community has released to the public, everything can be used, please follow anything the creator ask you to do. Remember to read over our terms of service.


Allowing our members to share their content grows our community, gives each other creativity and makes us wanna share ideas with each other. We have over 1000 photos for our top game, GTA. Our community shares screenshots such as Arma 3, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator 19, and more!

Suggestions, Ideas, or More!

We've created a new section called Suggestions, for last week our staff have been given ideas over DMs however we want you all to share them to give insight & comments from the whole community. Suggest anything from website, discord, possible projects in the future.

Coming Soon!

In next few weeks, we will be releasing some news on what we've been working on way before Modification Universe officially announced we're relaunching.
Live Updates
  • New Theme!
  • 500 Registered Members in 1 week!
  • Remember to read over the Rules
  • Check our the Leaderboard
  • Have a Suggestion? Let us know Today!
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Site Update 0.1

Recommended Posts

Live Changes:

  • Fixed Change Display name (Able to change name twice everyone 1 month).
  • Profile picture sized increased to 12mb (megabytes).
  • Edited Navigation bar, gave it a more welcome feel.
  • Added Meet the Staff & Meet the Community introductions forums.
  • Allowed regular users to change their profile backgrounds.
  • Added Forum ranks.
  • Added Trophies & Medals (Staff can give out, don't ask).
  • Added Featured YouTubers.
  • Added more fields to your Profile (Such as Gaming Info, Contact Methods, and more).
  • Updated Cloudflare security #ThanksUGM. 


Work In Progress:

  • Light Theme
  • Dark grey Theme
  • Discord Login (Will be Implemented Tuesday).
  • Fixing Error -200 Uploading.
  • YouTubers Featured video

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