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New Modification Theme!

Featuring our 500 registered members, we have decided to completely change our website theme to best suit our community. Check out our website upgrades forum for more information, instate, and whats to come more in the future!
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MultiGaming Community

Since 2013, we have been focused on multi-gaming, modification, and seeing what creativity can bring out in the community. Browse around in our Download section down below and see what our community has released to the public, everything can be used, please follow anything the creator ask you to do. Remember to read over our terms of service.


Allowing our members to share their content grows our community, gives each other creativity and makes us wanna share ideas with each other. We have over 1000 photos for our top game, GTA. Our community shares screenshots such as Arma 3, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator 19, and more!

Suggestions, Ideas, or More!

We've created a new section called Suggestions, for last week our staff have been given ideas over DMs however we want you all to share them to give insight & comments from the whole community. Suggest anything from website, discord, possible projects in the future.

Coming Soon!

In next few weeks, we will be releasing some news on what we've been working on way before Modification Universe officially announced we're relaunching.
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  • New Theme!
  • 500 Registered Members in 1 week!
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  • Latest Update: 03/18/2019

  • Thank you for visiting our server rules page. You have successfully completed the first step to becoming a respected member of our community. We are a Modification website designed to improve each person creativity. Every rule has been put in place to protect the community. Each rule applies to every member that is part of our community.

    If you catch any user breaking any of the rules listed below, please try to have a word with them before reporting it on the forums. Resolving issues saves staff and yourself time. If you are unable to resolve an issue with a fellow player, you should post a report on our forums.

    Have common sense. If you are unsure whether or not something is allowed then you should ask a staff member for their opinion.

  • Terms of Service

    Forums & Voice Communication

    1. We do not condone Torrenting or Warez.
    2. • Discussion of torrenting or pirated material will not be accepted and may result in a ban from the Community.
      • Discussion of any illegal actions or sharing content is also prohibited in our community.
      • We will assist any law enforcement agency if the question about the discussion of illegal activities.
    3. Insulting or Flaming other members is prohibited
    4. • Fighting will not be tolerated. All parties involved will face consequences.
      • We do not allow anyone to insult fellow members, anyone who does insult or flame another member may receive a suspension or ban from the Community by an Administrator.
      • Any topics that start a flame war will result in a locked topic.
      • This also includes talking down about staff members and the community. It will not be tolerated.
      • No Racism is allowed anywhere.
      • Insulting, bashing, or discussion of attacks on other sites (affiliated or neutral) is against our policy and will result in immediate Administrative action. All sites are neutral with MU, we do not promote aggressive behavior at all.
    5. Advertising other sites/communities without Affiliation is prohibited
    6. • We do not allow anyone to advertise for another site or community. If you wish to file for an affiliation, contact a staff member or administrator. Clan Advertisements refer to groups that play on non-determined servers and lobbies, such as a GTA V or Max Payne 'Crews'.
    7. No Pornography or Obscene Content.
    8. • Any pornography or obscene content will be removed immediately and you may be banned from the community.
    9. If a Modification Universe Staff Member tells you to do something, listen to them and don't talk back. Talking back will result in some form of punishment taken against you.
    10. Remember to post in the proper sections.
    11. Modification Universe has the right to take action against users who are reported to violate a content creator's rights (ripping, leaking, lack of credits) both on the MU website as well as third party locations. Proof of outside violations must be provided before action could be taken.

    Mod Theft Policy

    In order to upload a mod, the file must meet these requirements.

    1. All involved creators (models or textures) must be given credit by name.
    2. All involved work must be named and given credit. Ex: converting, etc.
    3. Work of others may be uploaded with permission from the original creator.
    4. Others work that gets uploaded must be stated the uploader had no work involved in it
    5. Stolen mods will be removed and uploader will be punished.
    6. • 1st Offense: Warning Point and Uploading Files denied for 1 week.
      • 2nd Offense: 2 week Ban.
      • 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban.
    7. All files posted on the website MUST be uploaded to the Downloads Section. You can use links to upload files instead of physically uploading the file so there's no reason for off-site links without a host here. You may provide mirrors links to off-site but the main needs to be hosted in our download section.
    8. W.I.P (Work In-progress) content does not require Credits Unless:
    9. • Modder mentions any credits, in which a full list is required.
      • A Mod Theft complaint is filed against the W.I.P content claiming theft.
      • A dispute or flaming occurs due to lack of credits at the time of W.I.P showing in which staff can request full credits be provided.

      Any files not meeting criteria will be denied. If you have any questions, contact Staff.

      Terms of Service brought to you by Modification Universe Human Resources.
      Approved by Modification Universe Administration Team.
      *Rules and Policy are subject to change at any given time*