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  1. - TrentMU -

    - TrentMU Generic Dump -

    Random game screenshots I have taken.
  2. - TrentMU -

    Train vs Pedestrian

    Hancock would have stopped that train.
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    All Blue Arjent
  4. Do not PM me asking for:

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    I have a staff team and forums for this reason. If you have an issue, please file a report or an appeal in the proper section. I will ignore your messages IF I even decide to read them. My inbox is flooded daily with stuff. 


  5. - TrentMU -

    Love Blue Rotarys

    Holy damn this is hot
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    16 FPIU | Boise PD inspiration

    Damnit, you're making me want to re-do my Boise themed stuff
  7. - TrentMU -


    i like dad
  8. - TrentMU -


    I know XBR will like these
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    My god this thing is amazing
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    - TrentMU Showcase -

    Showcase of my public/private and work-in-progress
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    bob says hi

  12. Hello everyone, I just want to give you all a quick announcement regarding certain issues going on the GTA Community. As you know, and in this statement there will be no names given to any of the individuals involved in these activities but to give the community a general realization to what we want here on Modification Universe and what we will do. Lately, as many developers here know there is a group of people going around to websites, FiveM Communities and lately Discords now whether it is them or just average members of the group coming in, download all the files and leaving to release on a 3rd Party Site and Discord. Now, there are many, many TOS and laws actually being broken with this going on. FiveM, Websites and Copyright Infringement Laws are just some of the things that are actually being broken with this whole ordeal. Some of the developers in the community have filed and working on DMCA claims regarding this group to help take it down and even possibly file a lawsuit. Here at MU, we do not condone any of that activity and will never condone it. We are a website for multiple games, even though Grand Theft Auto is our primary source and a majority of our members, we do not tolerate our members and developers work to be unlocked/ripped/dis-mantled/edited/released/shared/leaked/etc as it is that person choosing what they want to do with their work. Now you may ask what about people who sell their work. Well, here at MU, we don't care if people sell their work or not as MU is a free content and will always be a free content website for members to get mods for free. If users have a 3rd party place they sell some of their extra work, as long as they do not violate our Terms of Service, they are allowed to. Now, to users who are taking others work and doing what I said above is in violation of MU Terms of Service and will result in an immediate ban either you just joined or we find your account. Theft is not wanted here, this is a place for developers to release their work, work they do not have to ever release but choose too. We don't want this group to bring any of you do so do not mention any names, bash, or anything like that. Everyone here is a community and are suppose to support one another not take their work and destroy it because "you can". MU is a place for MU Members and MU Members only. Everyone here will look out for each other and if you have any issues, complaints, comments, concerns or anything like that, please feel free to reach out to a staff member and use the proper line of contact. Modification Universe is suppose to be the 1 stop for mods and we will continue to grow and grow and just be the place people have nothing but good to say about. We have already shown how fast we can grow by hitting over 200 members in the first 24-hours of launch and we plan to keep growing by the hundreds and maybe even by the thousands soon. Our staff here will make sure we protect each and every one of it's members and their work here, investigating any outside reports and if found guilty, we will take the appropriate action towards the member or members. Thank you for taking your time to read this and understand. We didn't want to put out the entire book but just gave you a quick summary on what we strive to do here. As always folks, Happy Modding. Sincerely, Modification Universe Staff
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    - TrentMU IV Days -

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    - TrentMU PAC Pack -

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    Getting Started

    Hello everyone welcome to Modification Universe ! Now that you are here feel free to setup your profiles, interact with the community, download and review mods or even upload your own content ! If you are looking to join Discord, please note you will need to verify your Discord account with Steam and have a 10 minute time frame to do so before the bot autokicks you. This is to help keep track of who is joining the community and get a better idea who you are and harder to sneak on in to do the bad. Until then, see you all soon and happy modding !