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  1. NotCamSlice


    plus 5 arsons, 2 bombs, and 2 earthquakes. seems like a chill day
  2. NotCamSlice

    puddle... puddle...

    h0t damn
  3. NotCamSlice

    wmplayer 2019-03-20 19-15-34-05.png

  4. NotCamSlice

    New Sheriff Skin?

    Look at those straight lines
  5. NotCamSlice

    Site Update 0.2

    Changes & Additions: New Website Theme (Dark & Light) Mobile version is working. (Tested on iPhone X & 8 Plus) New Pages (Discord, Ranks & Roles, DevBlog, Ban Appeal, and more) Update Terms of Service Changed Developer perms (Able to move their Parts from Private to Public) Fixed Staff Permissions Discord Integration Updated Steam Integration Fixed -200 Upload Error for good now. Added Awards & Trophies (Moderators allowed to give out such Awards & Trophies) Work-in-progress: Content Creator section, Able to post/feature their YT Vids to be shared. Discord Bot Integration, Post Announcements within discord so human interaction doesn't take place. Notes: Security has been better than ever and Glad to announce we have stopped 30+ users from attempting to rip or leak the community/developer models, parts, textures, and more. Verification System will be staying place for right now. We hope in the near future we can remove some of the verification steps. Thanks to @- TrentMU -, @Post Design, @Liberty, @W. Sellars, and @Flari for their screenshots we've used in sliders. Go check these people out. They posted some amazing screenshots we couldn't pass up. New Site themes will be launched 9pm EST Time - 03/18/2019
  6. NotCamSlice


    I kinda actually like that
  7. NotCamSlice

    Verification Process Tutorial

    Verified member (-MU- Official Member) Requirements: Must submit an application Introduce yourself in the introduction section Active Participation on Discord Active Participation on The Forums Link your Steam & Discord Account Verification Process: Create an Account on the Forums. Make sure you acquired the following requirements above. Submit your Verified member application. Once submitted please wait 24-48 hours for our staff to review and reply. Frequent Questions That Get Asked A lot: Do I have to fill out an application? Yes. This is mainly so we can keep track of who is coming in, how you found us, and your intentions. This lets us know how the members are finding out about us. I only came to download files, do I still need to submit an application? Yes, everyone that want access to our downloads will have to submit one, this shows us that you aren't just trolling or trying to cheat the system as we've had happened in the past. Do I need a person to Vouch? No, However having another Verified Member, Featured Developer, and Staff Team vouch for you will speed up the process.
  8. NotCamSlice

    2D Plants

    wrong account loll
  9. NotCamSlice

    Foggy Forest

    dat fog though
  10. NotCamSlice

    Meter Maids

    always gotta love NYPD
  11. NotCamSlice

    Verification System

    Update: Once you get member role on discord, please go to the verified-member-request and follow the instructions in there
  12. NotCamSlice

    Verification System

    Sooo. As you can tell we changed the site permissions around, once you register you can access Forums. Think I've gotten 20 DMs saying "Don't have permissions to downloads". That's supposed to be a thing, Only Verified members will be able to see download section. The reason we taking this amount of protection is for the community. Here is how it works, Once you register with the website you will be prompt to link your Discord Account with the website, once down so you will be taken to the Modification Universe Discord server, You will have to go through discord verification on the server. Once done you will receive member roles on discord and then receive verified member on the website. If you leave the discord server, the bot will remove your verified member role. Don't like having to go through this process? Then don't bother. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. This is currently being implemented, sorry for the long wait. Verification System Approved by TrentMU. Sincerely, NotCamSlice | Community Administrator
  13. NotCamSlice

    Site Update 0.1

    Live Changes: Fixed Change Display name (Able to change name twice everyone 1 month). Profile picture sized increased to 12mb (megabytes). Edited Navigation bar, gave it a more welcome feel. Added Meet the Staff & Meet the Community introductions forums. Allowed regular users to change their profile backgrounds. Added Forum ranks. Added Trophies & Medals (Staff can give out, don't ask). Added Featured YouTubers. Added more fields to your Profile (Such as Gaming Info, Contact Methods, and more). Updated Cloudflare security #ThanksUGM. Work In Progress: Light Theme Dark grey Theme Discord Login (Will be Implemented Tuesday). Fixing Error -200 Uploading. YouTubers Featured video
  14. NotCamSlice

    Highway Unit