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Site Update 0.2

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Changes & Additions:

  • New Website Theme (Dark & Light) Mobile version is working. (Tested on iPhone X & 8 Plus)
  • New Pages (Discord, Ranks & Roles, DevBlog, Ban Appeal, and more)
  • Update Terms of Service
  • Changed Developer perms (Able to move their Parts from Private to Public)
  • Fixed Staff Permissions
  • Discord Integration
  • Updated Steam Integration
  • Fixed -200 Upload Error for good now.
  • Added Awards & Trophies (Moderators allowed to give out such Awards & Trophies)


  • Content Creator section, Able to post/feature their YT Vids to be shared.
  • Discord Bot Integration, Post Announcements within discord so human interaction doesn't take place.

Notes: Security has been better than ever and Glad to announce we have stopped 30+ users from attempting to rip or leak the community/developer models, parts, textures, and more. Verification System will be staying place for right now. We hope in the near future we can remove some of the verification steps.

Thanks to @- TrentMU -, @Post Design, @Liberty, @W. Sellars, and @Flari for their screenshots we've used in sliders. Go check these people out. They posted some amazing screenshots we couldn't pass up.

New Site themes will be launched 9pm EST Time - 03/18/2019

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Modification Universe was founded in 2013 and has restarted in April of 2019. Providing Modifications for different games such as Grand Theft Auto, Arma, American Truck Simulator and more! We're a Modification Community friendly to all gamers.

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