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  1. Today
  2. Cartres

    Project: Boston

    The goal of this upcoming pack is to create the single most accurate, realistic, and true-to-life representation of law enforcement departments found in the Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods / cities.
  3. Vision7124


    It's random... what else do you want me to say??
  4. Yesterday
  5. Captain Scotty

    Rainy days...

    that looks beautiful.
  6. medic4523


    @xPredatorz Notice anything?
  7. RipplyTiger151

    Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot 2019.03.25 -

  8. Cartres


    It's an easy fix! When I release the vehicle, I'll make sure the wheels aren't misaligned.
  9. Cartres


    Hey Tony! This pack is in production by myself, and I'll be releasing it as part of a larger Massachusetts mega-pack coming soon.
  10. leopmesp86

    Leo's shitty screenshots

    Just extremely shitty screenshots. me on my potato PC.
  11. Tony K.


    oh nooo, the crown vic model is broken! I know this model the rear wheels aren't aligned correctly but those deck lights!
  12. Tony K.


    those rear deck lights are so dope. where can I find this vehicle?
  13. Wolfy

    SASP Skin Pack WIP

    Working on a new San Andreas State Police Skin Pack. Thought I would share some WIP pics!
  14. NotCamSlice


    plus 5 arsons, 2 bombs, and 2 earthquakes. seems like a chill day
  15. Last week
  16. - TrentMU -

    - TrentMU Generic Dump -

    Random game screenshots I have taken.
  17. - TrentMU -

    Train vs Pedestrian

    Hancock would have stopped that train.
  18. Robert W.

    WIP Skins

  19. dominikw118

    New Sheriff Skin?

    wow....just amazing
  20. Chiefparrott

    Chief Parrott's

    Some stuff I have made for pubic use and my own use
  21. J. Rodgers

    LSCSO FPIU (Putnam Co, IN)

    Thats beautiful!
  22. Billy J

    Mount Airy Inspired | 16 FPIU

    Live in Sweden lol, but yeah, been experimenting with B/R & B/B but thought the B/R looked the best, fits with the red on the flag. Also thank you.
  23. AvidMods

    AvidMods WIP

    ,Decided To Re-Establish My WIP, Cant Guarantee I Wont Loose Interest And/ or Give Up On A Car or Two But Enjoy
  24. Cartres


    All blues is the only redeeming quality of such an ugly lightbar... Sandy Shores and Grapeseed deserve only the worst! (But kudos to Robert for making such an incredibly beautiful model.)
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